Welcome to Taylors Butchers, 


During this period of social distancing we can only have 3 customers in the shop at any one time.

we have a traffic light system in place, when the light is red please stand back from the doors & wait just in case we need a customer to leave 

through the enterance door. 

please only enter when the lights turn green.

If you are waiting in the queue outside there are chalk marks up the street towards the bridge marking out 2 meter spaces.

 We have marked boxes on the floor & we ask that when your'e in the shop you stay in the marked area & please stand behind the serving screens this is for everyones safety who are shopping & our staff.

In front of evey screen there is hand sanitiser for you to use after you've entered the shop.

The customer side is cleaned regularly  including door handles & counter tops.

we accept, contactless payments up to £45, apple Pay & cash.

we are washing our hands regularly, at least twice per customer, this has always been our procedure for our staff in the shop for many years so rest assured we are doing our best to keep everyone safe.

Our opening & closing times are on the profile page

I hope all this information is helpful, please be understanding & patient, we aim to do our utmost to look after everyone the best we can.


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